Cultura y Bienestar
Mental Health Specialists, Community Health Educators and Traditional Healers provide Mental Health promotion/prevention activities and early intervention services.

Training & Consultation
For professionals, organizations and community leaders regarding mental health topics to increase the capacity of leaders to serve the Latino community

Mental Health Specialists are available to provide the following services:

Training for Mental Health Professionals on MH issues related to working with Latinos

  • Use of Dichos and other cultural tools to engage and treat Latinos.
  • Acculturation and migration issues affecting Latinos individually and across generations in families
  • Parenting challenges and strategies for Latinos raising children in a new country
  • Cultural approaches to working with child behavioral problems, MH issues, and risk behaviors
  • Trauma informed treatment with Latinos (children, men, women and families)
  • Cultural approaches to assessment and treatment of gang involved Latino youth
  • Cultural Considerations in Assessment and Treatment of Individuals with Co-Occurring Conditions
  • Motivational interviewing and relapse prevention strategies with Latinos using cultural approaches
  • Cultural Approaches in Assessment/Treatment of Latinos experiencing Domestic Violence
  • Cultural Approaches in Assessment/Treatment of Latinos affected by Substance Abuse
  • Other topics upon request

Training and Consultation for Community Leaders who work with Latinos on MH issues that may be affecting their constituents

Available to:
Teachers/Educators, Health Workers, Spiritual Leaders, Support Group leaders, Community Activists, Child/Family Advocates, Recreation Activity Leaders, Public Health Officials, MH Professionals, Residential Staff, etc)
  • Tristeza/Depression
  • Nervios/Anxiety
  • Luto/Grief
  • Susto/Fright
  • Rabia/Rage/Anger
  • Signs and Symptoms of Suicide
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Domestic Violence
  • Child Abuse
  • Gang Involvement
  • Child Development
  • Age MH Specific conditions
  • Other Mental Health related topics upon request

Home/Community Visits for Latino Individuals and Families

Visits can be arranged in homes or in the community to address issues such as Luto/Grief, Tristeza/Sadness, Nervios/Anxiety, Susto/Fright, Rabia/Anger, Immigration/Migration trauma, Family/Community Violence trauma, Isolation, Child Behavior Problems, Substance Abuse, Adjustment Problems, etc.

Visits will be available to provide the following brief intervention services:
  1. Consultation with referral source (phone or in-person) to discuss the concern/coordinate referral
  2. Initial meeting with the family or individual to provide a general assessment and determine if the concern can be addressed in 4 visits. Additional 1-4 visits will be offered if appropriate
  3. The final visits includes providing referrals to natural supports/services in the community
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Supported by ACBHCS with MHSA (Prop 63) funding
Cultura y Bienestar is a program of La Clínica de La Raza in collaboration with:
La Familia Counseling Service, and Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center
La Clínica de La Raza La Familia Counseling Services - East Bay Tiburcio Vásquez Health Center

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